Recycling Quick Facts

What Can We Recycle?

Paper, aluminum and steel food cans; glass bottles and jars; plastic food containers #1-7 (excluding plastic #6-plastic foam containers and packaging materials); corrugated boxes (must be flattened)

What is Not Recyclable?

Kitchen waste; food packaging; pizza boxes; facial tissues; paper towels; tissue or wrapping paper; waxed paper; plastic foam; wet-strength cardboard boxes; plastic food utensils; ceramics; plate glass; window glass; china; mirrors; aluminum pie plates and foil; hazardous materials; medical wastes; alkaline batteries

Where Do I Recycle?

You can use any gray/blue recycling container that is marked with a recycling triangle. Use the dumpster, roll-off or tote that is marked "Recycle Here" for all of your recyclables outside of the office building. All cardboard boxes must be flattened for recycling!

What About Other Materials Such as Cellphones, Batteries & Ink Jet Cartridges?

NiCad batteries may be recycled at Batteries Plus, 2703 N. Belt Line Road, (972) 256-2073. There is no location to recycle alkaline batteries. When changing your ink jet or printer cartridge, please follow the manufacturer's instructions about return recycling. Most have a "take-back" program.

Employees may recycle their personal cellphones by dropping them off at any of Irving's recycling drop-off centers, Best Buy or office supply stores.

Remember to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle