Required Training

Core courses help city employees to learn, exemplify, and communicate the city’s vision, mission and values statements. All employees benefit from completing required courses, and taking refresher courses as appropriate. Here’s a helpful checklist for employees to ensure they are up-to-date with required trainings.

New Employee Orientation

Completed at the time of hire, usually on the first day of duty, New Employee Orientation (NEO) covers the following topics:

  • City of Irving Mission, Vision and Values
  • Customer Service
  • Ethics
  • Eyes on Irving/Storm Water Pollution Prevention
  • Sexual and Other Prohibited Harassment
  • Introduction to Innovation and Continuous Improvement
  • Benefits Overview (for full-time employees, only)

Employment Law and Supervisory Practices

In this course, supervisors examine legal and ethical practices in the workplace. Employees who advance to supervisor or supervisor-like positions should take this course as soon as possible following promotion, and re-take the course as a refresher every two years.

Defensive Driving

In this course, participants review safe driving practices and local traffic laws. The Defensive Driving Course is required every three years for employees who drive a city vehicle or are approved to use personal vehicles for city business.

Sexual and Other Prohibited Harassment

In this course, participants review what is considered harassment. In addition, the process for identifying, reporting and handling harassment is covered. While Sexual and Other Prohibited Harassment is covered during NEO, a refresher is required for all city employees every two years.

Watch “Employee News” for opportunities to complete required training. Some departments may require the completion of additional courses for employees that are not part of the city’s core curriculum. Accordingly, it’s always great idea to discuss training needs with a supervisor before completing registration. Also, to help employees complete required training, such as Harassment and Defensive Driving, supervisors may schedule on-site training for departments. To schedule a department training or for more information about required courses, contact Human Resources Assistant Autumn Smith at (972) 721-2696.