Get Started

Irving's Employee Wellness Program rewards employees for achieving and maintaining good health.

The program is based on personal responsibility:

  • It's my health.
  • It's my life.
  • It's my reward.
Employees can take advantage of complimentary 10-minute massages at the annual Health Fair

The annual Health Fair offers a variety of health screenings, as well as perks such as complimentary 10-minute massages.

All regular full-time employees are eligible to participate. The first step is to pick up a Wellness Log from the Human Resources Department at City Hall, Third Floor, 825 W. Irving Blvd.

Accumulate 400 wellness points to earn a monthly financial incentive of $130. Employees can earn wellness points by participating in one or more of the following healthy activities:

  • Preventive Health Care (flu shots, annual health exams, schedule appt. at CareATC, attend CareATC's open house, biometric health screening tests, use Compass' services, online health risk assessment, and city's annual health and safety fair)
  • CIGNA On-Site Health Coach
  • Wellness Speaker Forum and Safety Courses
  • Fun Walk/Run Events
  • Weight Loss/Maintenance Programs
  • Irving Community Projects
  • Gym/Recreation Center Use
  • Exercise Groups
  • Counting/Tracking Distance
  • Cross Fit/Structured Exercise