Exceptional Employee of the Year Award: Rules

Issuing Department: City Manager's Office
To: City of Irving Employees
Effective Date: July 1, 2011

Executive Order E0-19

  1. PURPOSE: The Exceptional Employee of the Year Award was created in 2010 to recognize city employees who consistently exhibit personal integrity, leadership,respect, innovation, desire, determination and dedication.
  2. SCOPE: A maximum of eight employees can be selected annually: seven full-time employees from five work areas and one part-time employee. The part-time employee can be chosen from any work group. See Work Groups for details.
  3. SELECTION TEAM: An eight-member employee team will review the nominees and select the award winners. The previous year's awardees typically serve in this capacity. This allows the selection team to rotate members annually.
  4. QUALIFICATIONS: The nomination form lists the following attributes that must be exhibited on a continuous basis:
    a. Personal Integrity: Describe how the employee exhibits consistency of character through actions, values,principles and outcomes. Provide a specific example.
    b. Leadership: Provide at least one example of how the employee supports the city's mission, vision and value statements, as well as the leadership Model.
    c. Respect: Provide at least one example of each: how the employee projects a positive attitude, is a team player, and demonstrates respect for coworkers and customers.
    d. Innovation: Provide at least one example of the employee's innovation, such as the use of lean Six Sigma, a cost-savings and efficiency idea or how the employee works smarter,not harder.
    e. 3-D Concept: Provide at least one example of the employee's work ethic. How does the employee exhibit desire, determination and dedication to make a difference within the organization?
    a. An employee can nominate any employee within the city's workforce except for those positions exempt from being nominated.
    b. An employee cannot nominate himself/herself for the award.
    c. Previous award winners are not eligible.
    d. There is no limit on the number of nominations that an employee can submit.
    e. The employee or designee will enter the nomination(s) online via Inet describing the qualifications of the nominee(s).
    f. The deadline for employees to submit nominations is typically the first Friday in August by 5 p.m. Nominations will not be accepted after the deadline.
    g. The program and nominee submittal timeline will be publicized to employees each year.
  6. WORK GROUPS: The following work groups, with example positions, have been designated for the award.
    a. Professional: (one recipient) engineer, attorney, accountant, paralegal, management analyst, planner, network specialist, librarian, architect, producer/director.
    b. Management: (one recipient) manager, supervisor, office supervisor, administrator.
    c. Technical: (two recipients) inspector, electrician, code inspector, director/editor, senior library assistant, city marshal, payroll coordinator, detention officer, engineering technician, traffic signal technician, animal services officer.
    d. Administrative: (one recipient) administrative assistant, secretary, receptionist, clerk (records, payroll, accounting, etc.), office assistant, staff assistant, customer service representative, legal secretary, office coordinator.
    e. Field Operations: (two recipients) crew leader, equipment operator, maintenance worker, groundskeeper, custodian, meter reader, survey party worker, mechanic.
    f. Part-time: (one recipient) a permanent employee who does not work full-time.
  7. EXEMPTIONS: The following employees can nominate other city employees for the award, but are exempt from being nominated.
    a. Selection Committee Members
    b. Previous Recipients
    c. Director and above
    d. Fire and Police
     i. Civil Service employees
     ii. Civilian employees
    Note: Civil service administrators celebrate recognition of civil service and civilian employees at their annual awards ceremonies.
  8. AWARD CEREMONY: The winners of the Exceptional Employee of the Year Award will be recognized by the City Manager, typically at the annual fall Employee Town Hall Meeting.
    a. $200 cash
    b. Plaque - Exceptional Employee of the Year Award
    c. A parking spot for one year (designated by sign)

For more information, contact Talent Engagement Coordinator Ticye Lyons at (972) 721-8034.