Training and Tools

Innovation Training

Basic Innovation and Performance Management

Basic tools and instruction will be given in the areas of strategic planning, performance management, continuous improvement and innovation during this course. This course is ideal for those employees who want to get further involved with Irving’s journey.

Innovation Academy

An advanced training, where employees are encouraged to apply and are chosen to develop their skill sets in continuous improvement, lean/lean six sigma, innovation management, design thinking, and project management. The graduates of the Innovation Academy are then certified to lead innovative projects throughout the city.

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Innovation Project Teams

These are cross functional teams, which can be comprised of employees in multiple departments, that use D4 methodology to develop innovations.

D4 Planning Tool

A D4 is a planning tool that should be used to help plan innovations or improvements in the City of Irving. The D4 can be used to think through any issue, problem, or opportunity and is essential in clarifying the scope of an innovation or improvement. It’s also helpful in building consensus and communicating the outcomes or improvements that result from an innovation.

Innovation Summits and Roundtables

Innovation Summits are timely events open to all employees. Here, they are able to creatively collaborate with various employees throughout the city to discuss possible innovative approaches, as well as any opportunities in need of innovative solutions. Innovation Roundtables are smaller in scale and involve certain employees to creatively brainstorm on a focused opportunity.

Innovation Tools

Design Thinking is a method of meeting people’s needs and desires in a technologically feasible and strategically viable way.

For an overview of the design process, employees can download The Design Process Mini-Guide. This five-page document from Stanford University's Design School is used as a resource for students to look at the steps that take an idea to a produced product.

Download the guide.

Continuous Improvement refers to ongoing efforts to improve business processes. While it would appear that most efforts to improve business processes are constant "works in progress," continuous process improvement is a formal, ongoing approach to improving processes and ultimately, productivity, services and products.

Intro to Design Thinking Process Guide