Circulation Basics

Employee Orientation 

Circulation Circulation
General Info
Patron Codes & Privileges (PDF)
Offline Circ. - Using Polaris offline (PDF)
Lost and Found (PDF)
List of Schools and Codes (PDF)
​Offsite Registration
​Installing Polaris Remote App
Acceptable IDs to Get a Library Card
​​Refund Policy (PDF)
​Overdues, Notices, and Collection Agency (PDF)
​Prohibition from Selling Library Materials (PDF)
​Banning and Removing a Ban Block
Manage Item - Via Check-In
​Checking in Serials
​Book Drop
​Check in Messages
​Placing a Hold- Generic
Pulling Pending Holds (PDF)
Temporary Hold Shelf (PDF)
​Unclaimed or Expired Holds Report
​Handling an Unfilled Hold Notification
​Extending the Hold Pickup Date
Change Pickup Location after Being Held
Patron Blocks and Notes
​On the Fly
Renewing Items
Overdue Materials
​Changing an Item's Due Date
Quick Processing at Check-in (PDF)
Resolved or Unresolved Snags (PDF)
​Setting Items to Withdrawn
​Special Check-In for Missing Parts
​Billing (Last Step)
Card Registration
​Registering a New Library Card
​Renewing an Expired Card
​Replace a Lost Library Card
TexShare Card for IPL Patron (PDF)
TexShare Visitor Card (PDF)
​Registering a Non-Resident Card
Non-Resident Card Fees (PDF)
​Irving Student Card Registration
Quick Guide
Downgrading a Non-Resident Card
​Downgrading to a TexShare Card
​Reporting a Card Lost
Handling a Found Library Card
​Cancelling a Library Card
​Updating a Patron's Registration
​Upgrading a Library Card
Lost & Damaged
Set Item to Lost on Patron's Account
​Replacement Items ​
​Payment Plan Agreement
Charging Fees to a Patron
Cash Report
Performing a Cash Report
​Verifying Cash Report
​Emptying the Coin Ops
​Bill Changer - Performing Audit
Cash Register & Payments
Taking an Unattached Payment
Performing a Refund (PDF)
​Adding Cashiers
Library Function Payment (PDF)
​Setting up a Payment Plan
IPL Fees for Repair of Materials (PDF)
​​IPL Schedule of Fees (PDF)​  ​
​Making Change in the STS Register
New Patron Registration Check (PDF)
​Reviewing Youth Applications (PDF)
​Upgrading New Card to Regular Report
InterLibrary Loan
​ILL Procedure - Renewal Request FAQ
​Item Search
​Check Item Status
​Using Item Manager
​Performing a Shelf Check
All material taken from Irving Public Library's Employee Handbook, Policy Manual, and Circulation Training Documents and Checklists.