Innovation Vetting Committee


The purpose of the Innovation Vetting Committee (IVC) is to review ideas that have been submitted by employees and determine prioritization. The IVC will determine if and what type of project team (Continuous Improvement, Innovation, or Employee Focus) should be assigned to projects we are looking to move forward with.

The Irving Innovation Project
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Pitch Style Presentations

For some project ideas the submitter may be asked to present more details and information to the IVC. Utilizing this presentation along with other prioritization tools the IVC will then rank order projects that will be push towards implementation.

Committee Logistics

The IVC is selected every year from a list of applicants that may provide the expertise on evaluating ideas. The committee members serve for one year on the committee and may apply again to serve consecutive years. The IVC meets on an ad-hoc basis when an appropriate amount of ideas are needed to be reviewed. The committee may also set meetings to listen to pitch style presentations.

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