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IrvingLIST is an opportunity for city departments to make available unwanted and surplus items to other departments to take and use without incurring costs associated with a new purchase. IrvingLIST is designed to be a cost-savings tool for the city's departments.

The items posted on IrvingLIST are city-owned departmental items ONLY, such as file folders, pens, calculators or desks. To sell personal items, employees may use the Inet Classifieds.

Post Unused or Surplus Departmental Items

To submit items to IrvingLIST, send an email to your department's designated contact / administrator. Only a department’s contact person can post the items to the IrvingLIST. View the departmental contact list.

When submitting an item, please remember to include the following:

  1. A description of your item(s), including but not limited to quantity, size, color and any flaws or damage.
  2. Pictures of the item(s). Horizontal orientation is best for these posts.
  3. Beginning and end dates for the availability of the item(s).
  4. Whether or not Building Services will be needed to move the item(s).

* Important note: Certain asset items (i.e. computers, phones, etc.) and/or items that were purchased with grant funds cannot be transferred. Contact the Purchasing Department at (972) 721-2631 for more information.