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General Forms

  1. Damage/Loss Report
  2. New Employee Account Request Form
  3. Post "For Sale" or "Wanted" Items

    The Inet Classifieds section provides a clearinghouse for employees seeking to buy and sell personal items

  1. Munis ERP Questions

    Have a question about the Munis ERP migration? Ask it here.

  2. On-the-Spot Award Nomination Form

    Department Directors can nominate an outstanding teammate for an On-the-Spot award. This program is an action separate from an... More…

  3. Vendor Performance Issue Form

Human Resources

  1. Flowers Request

    Request flowers be sent to an employee or employee's family in the event of illness, death, birth and other important life events.

I Win

  1. Tell Us Your Success Story

    Tell us how the I Win program has helped you meet goals, transformed your health or just remain active. Become an inspiration and... More…

Innovation and Performance Office

  1. Innovation Vetting Committee Application
  1. Project Team Interest

    This is to gather information on those employees that would be interested on serving on a Project Team


  1. IPL InnerView Story Submission Form

  2. Submit a Library Calendar Event

    Submit your library branch's event for display on the Irving Public Library website.

  1. Library Print and Graphics Request